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Market Trends

Extended reality technology has been around for many years but is now gaining significant momentum in various fields such as gaming, education, and professional applications. The demand for high-resolution cameras and displays, miniaturization, and the ultra-low power consumption requirements of battery-operated systems will drive the demand for ultra-thin, compact, and energy-efficient copper or optical interconnects, either inside the headset between camera/display and application processor (embedded cable) or between the headset and a control unit (external cable).

What Value Do We Bring?

Our MIPI SerDes, TIA, and Driver chipsets serialize signals from high resolution (up to 4k60) image sensors and displays and enable the replacement of up to 10 copper wires with a single extremely thin optical fiber or a pair of copper wires. This helps with the industrial design of the headset by saving weight and reducing size. They can be used for links inside the glasses or ultra-thin optical cables between the headset and battery-operated control units. Their ultra-low power consumption also helps extend battery life.

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