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Industrial Imaging

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Industrial imaging covers a wide range of applications such as agriculture technology, autonomous machines, robotic vision, and machine vision. Common requirements in these applications are high bandwidth as image sensors increase resolution and frame rate, low latency, long transmission lengths, and challenging EMI environments.

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Our MIPI Serdes, TIA, and Driver chipsets serialize signals from high-resolution / high frame rate image sensors and enable the replacement of up to 10 copper wires with a single extremely thin optical fiber or a pair of copper wires. This enables the transport of these image signals over long distances up to 30m or more using thin and light cables. The data is transported in raw image format and without compression or protocol conversion. This leads to an extremely low latency which is key for robotic, autonomous and machine vision applications. Silicon Line MIPI serialization brings substantial benefits in such systems where EMI interference can be critical.

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