About Silicon Line

Munich, Germany-based unchallenged world leader in developing and providing innovative ultra-low-power copper and optical link technology

Munich, Germany based Silicon Line is the global leader in innovative ultra-low-power video and imaging technology enabling ultra-high speed interconnect for a wide array of camera and display applications such as extended reality, medical imaging, security, video conferencing, and drones.

Clear evidence of Silicon Line’s global leadership in ultra-lower-power optical technology can be seen not only by its steadily evolving line of leading-edge and industry-first products – with more than 25 different products now in use – but also in its pivotal role as a trusted adviser and key contributor within the relevant industry Standard organization e.g. MIPI alliance.

Founded in 2005 as an outsourced integrated circuit (IC) design house, Silicon Line quickly developed proven expertise in ultra-low-power, analog, and mixed-signal chip design. Millions of ICs based on its designs have been used in the products of major brand manufacturers worldwide.

Building on its core competencies, Silicon Line soon began to develop its own products with the aim of providing the world’s most power-efficient and best-in-class IC’s for optical and copper data transport, specifically targeting video and imaging data. Silicon Line now has a wide portfolio of physical layer ICs plus associated serializer/deserializer (SerDes) ICs for multi-gigabit links, and it holds multiple patents associated with these products.


Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Our patented technology is 5 times more efficient than the competition.

Advanced High Speed
Serialization Technology

Enable extended MIPI interconnects for high resolution cameras.

Customization and
Strong Ecosystem

Custom development and manufacturing of tailored cables.

A Rapid Growth Market

High-speed Video and Imaging Interconnects

The importance of ultra-low power interconnect technologies to the future of highresolution camera and displaybased applications truly cannot be overstated. In addition, as bandwidth demands grow it will be impractical if not impossible for copper cabling to meet signal transport requirements, especially for distances greater than even one meter. As a result, optical interconnect technology will become more and more attractive moving forward.

The proliferation of battery-powered devices – phones, tablets, AR/VR headsets, drones, body-worn cameras – puts a premium on small, lightweight interconnects which minimize power consumption and also minimize susceptibility to and sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Additionally, specialized camera applications in healthcare, security, and factory automation are driving adoption across an expanding spectrum of industries and applications.

Silicon Line is playing a key role in the transition to optical cables and the introduction of MIPI serialization for high-speed interconnects by making available unique ICs and technologies to the market and collaborating with cable and imaging partners globally.