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Why Silicon Line?

Silicon Line offers ICs with world-leading optical link technologies

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Our patented technology is 5 times more efficient than the competition.

Advanced High Speed
Serialization Technology

Enable extended MIPI interconnects for high resolution cameras.

Customization and
Strong Ecosystem

Custom development and manufacturing of tailored cables.


Transform the Way
of Data Transmission

The displays of mobile and consumer electronics devices have undergone a remarkable transformation in just a few years. We have gone from SD (480i) resolution to HD (1080p) then 4K and 8K and the resolution of each RGB pixel has also increased from 8 bits to 12 bits. The number of pixels which need to be transported has increased almost 300 times. An 8K display operating at 60 Hz and 12-bit colour needs a bandwidth of around 72 Gbps in order to transport all the pixels.

Having extremely high resolution displays and image sensors creates a new set of challenges for system designers.

Low-power, long, thin, flexible and light active optical cables are replacing copper cables in these latest high-speed applications. Silicon Line is playing a key role in this transition by providing ICs that enable the high-volume production of these new active optical cables.

  • The Data Rate Explosion
  • Copper Cable Limitations
  • Optical Technology Provides The Solution