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Silicon Line provides advanced
optical technology
for high-speed data transmission

in consumer applications

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Silicon Line
optical 10 Gbps USB3.1 products

are now available!

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Silicon Line
optical MIPI D-PHY products

for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and TVs

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Silicon Line optical HDMI products
don't need an

external power supply

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Silicon Line VCSEL Driver & TIA products
have the world's

lowest power consumption



Silicon Line is a leading global provider of innovative ultra-low power optical link technology for mobile and consumer electronics markets. Silicon Line products enable the power-efficient  optical transportation of video, images, voice and data at the multi-gigabit speeds demanded by both today and tomorrows digital consumer lifestyles.




Traditional electrical cable technology is now reaching practical limits for speed and length, due to performance degredation, electro-magnetic interference (EMI), increased power consumption, increased cost, form factor restrictions and other issues. Ultra-low power optical links powered by Silicon Line are the answer.

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    Silicon Line now has a new website. Silicon Line is growing fast and our new website reflects this. You can more easily find information on our products and technology, access technical data and find out what we do and how to get in contact with us.  Please enjoy our new site!