Silicon Line pushes its world-record 10 mW ultra-low power PHY-Layer IC set to 3 Gbps

October 28, 2009 – Silicon Line GmbH, a provider of ultra-low power analog ICs, today announced that it has extended the data rate range of its world record setting physical layer IC set for optical data transmission to 3 Gbps. This data rate extension concerns Silicon Line’s successful Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) driver, the SL82026T, and transimpedance amplifier with integrated limiting amplifier (TIA), the SL82016e. Both chips have combined power consumption of only 10 mW of power at 3 Gbps. This power consumption includes the modulation and bias currents through a connected low threshold VCSEL, as well as the output currents of the TIA into a 100 Ohm termination.

In addition to the data rate extension, Silicon Line has added other new features to these ICs. As for the VCSEL driver (SL82026T), Silicon Line included a programmable temperature controller, which allows automatic control of the output currents dependent on the ambient temperature. Furthermore, the supply range for the SL82026T was extended to include an additional 3.3 V-supply.

On the TIA side (SL82016e), Silicon Line introduced also a single supply option of 2.5 or 3.3 V, which may now provide an alternative to the existing dual power supply concept.

All added features are fully backwards compatible to the previous IC versions.

“The enhanced versions of our proven SL82026 and SL82016 series will ease the transition from copper based high-speed links to optical waveguides “, said Holger Hoeltke, Managing Director at Silicon Line.

“In the foreseeable future, all LCDs in EMI-sensitive environments will rely on optical waveguides which connect them to their respective graphic processors. These optical display links are inexpensive, EMI and ESD insensitive and mechanically extremely flexible. With its new SL82026T and SL82016e Silicon Line satisfies the request for higher resolution displays in portable electronic devices. “, Hoeltke added.

The SL82026T as well as the SL82016e are fully qualified and available in bare die form.