Silicon Line Introduces the World’s Most Power Efficient PHY Layer ICs for Optical Links in Mobile and Consumer Products at OFCNFOEC ’12

January 23, 2012 – Silicon Line GmbH, a leading provider of ultra-low power analogue ICs, is exhibiting at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition – OFC2012, held from March 6th to March 8th at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, USA. Please visit us at booth number 1551.

Silicon Line ICs enable 3, 6 and 12.5 Gbps optical data transmission at less than 3.3 pJ per bit

SL82028/SL82018 – Ultra-low Power (under 14mW) 6 Gbps VCSEL Driver / TIA Chipset

  • Data rate support up to 6 Gbps
  • Power consumption of the VCSEL driver below 2 mW
  • Power consumption of the transimpedance amplifier below 12 mW
  • The VCSEL driver includes automatic temperature compensation, alignment, burn-in and diagnostic modes
  • The transimpedance amplifier is suitable for GaAs and Si photodiodes
  • Standard CMOS technology
  • Small in size and footprint
  • Ideal for embedded DisplayPort applications in Notebooks and Ultrabooks

SL83215/SL83115 – High Speed D-PHY Optical Bridge ICs for Smart Phone/Tablet Applications

  • Ultra-low power Serializer (SL83215) / De-Serializer (SL83115) enables implementation of an optical MIPI D-PHY interface
  • Supports the latest generation of high resolution “retina” type displays and cameras
  • CSI-1, CSI-2 and DSI protocols
  • Up to 4 data lanes at up to 2 Gbps per lane
  • Standard CMOS technology
  • Small in size and footprint
  • Forms a complete optical link when used together with the SL82028 VCSEL driver and the SL82018 transimpedance amplifier
  • Ideal for smart phone and tablet applications

Our full product range includes ICs for smart phones, tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, active optical cables, industrial and medical applications.

About Silicon Line GmbH
Silicon Line is a fabless analog IC company designing and providing physical layer technologies that enable ultra-low power, low cost optical links at multi-gigabit rates for mobile and consumer platforms. Silicon Line is located at Elsenheimerstrasse 48, D-80687 Munich, Germany.