Silicon Line GmbH announces corporate launch

March 1, 2005 – Silicon Line GmbH, a Germany based analog and mixed signal IC design company, announces today its corporate launch.

Silicon Line specializes in providing fast and reliably innovative analog design solutions in standard CMOS processes.
The fabless semiconductor company brings a vast pool of design expertise to the market. Team members of Silicon Line were instrumental in creating high-end design solutions for Multi-Gigabit, xDSL, RF, and PHY-Layer applications.

Silicon Line’s fundamental core competency is to use mainstream CMOS technologies instead of more expensive bipolar or GaAs process technologies to create high performance analog and mixed signal designs solutions.
CMOS is typically used for large digital chips. By using CMOS process technologies for complex analog designs as well, true System-on-Chips (SoC) can be done. Furthermore, customers of Silicon Line may leverage from the cost advantages CMOS inherently has to offer compared to the smaller volume bipolar or GaAs process technologies.

Target customers for Silicon Line’s products are semiconductor manufacturers, ASIC vendors as well as electronic equipment vendors requiring custom IC solutions for their next generation of products.

“It’s a really exciting time to be involved in the semiconductor industry,” said Holger Hoeltke, Managing Director at Silicon Line. “Driven by the ubiquitous digitalization, the world of semiconductors is gaining more and more momentum. Analog design must rise to the technical and commercial pace of this digitalization. That requires fast reacting and flexible companies, highly experienced in modern analog circuit design.”

Silicon Line was founded and is led by industry veterans. “We are very pleased to be able to gain Dr. Soenke Mehrgardt and Dr. Rolf Nagel as founding members of Silicon Line,” Hoeltke added. “Dr. Mehrgardt is the former Executive Vice President and CTO of Germany’s semiconductor giant Infineon Technologies. Dr. Nagel is the former Partner and Investment Manager of Star Ventures, a leading international venture capital organization. Both founding members bring a vast experience of their respective fields to the company and blend perfectly with a world-class engineering team.”