Silicon Line Becomes a Member of the USB Implementers Forum

March 18, 2015 – Silicon Line is a world leader in innovative optical technology for high speed data transfer in consumer markets. This leadership has now been extended into the USB3 market. Silicon Line is now a member of the USB Implementers Forum and we have introduced the world’s first USB3.1 ICs which enable long and thin Type C active optical cables for Superspeed 10 Gbps signals.

USB 3.0 is already well established in the market and 2015 will see the introduction of USB 3.1 10 Gbps products. USB 3.1 enables a full 25GB HD movie to be transported in around 30 seconds. A new small form factor USB connector, the Type C connector, has also been introduced which extends this new 10 Gbps capability from the traditional PC markets into the tablet and smartphone markets. Smartphones and tablets have very thin form factors and so require very small form factor connectors and also thin cables. Active optical cables based on Silicon Line’s technology are a perfect match for these needs.