Silicon Line Becomes a Member of the HDMI Forum

September 23, 2015 – Silicon Line is a world leader in innovative optical technology for high speed data transfer in consumer markets. Silicon Line is now a member of the HDMI Forum ( and we have introduced the world’s first HDMI ICs which enable long and thin active optical cables for 4K TV which need no external power supply.

4K TVs are now common in the market. The current generation of Blu Ray players are capable of upscaling Full HD content to 4K resolution. The new generation of UHD Blu Ray players will support native 4K content. This will drive a greatly increased demand for 4K systems using HDMI. However, existing copper based HDMI cables struggle to transport the significantly higher data rates needed to transport 4K video over more than a meter or two.

Active optical cables based on Silicon Line’s ICs do not have such limitations and can be used to implement long, thin, flexible and light cables which transport high speed 4K signals without any signal degradation. The ultra-low power consumption of these IC’s means that they are the only solution in the market which do not require any additional external power to be supplied to the cable.