Silicon Line’s MIPI D-PHY Serdes ICs, together with STMicroelectronics’s ST60A2, a RF millimeter-wave transceiver product operating in the 60 GHz V-Band, enable the wireless transport of MIPI camera and display signals. The Silicon Line and ST partnership provides a very power efficient and high data-rate wireless link enabling freedom from physical cables and connectors for short-range (a few cm) point-to-point communications, using a variety of external antennas.

Partner Product: ST60A2 – 60 GHz V-band contactless connectivity transceiver with SLVS or GPIO tunneling – STMicroelectronics
Relevant Silicon Line Product: SL83215, SL83115
Application Details:
• Used for 360-degree rotating MIPI security and industrial cameras with slip ring, LIDAR, robotics, FA
• Continuous 360-degree rotation
• Uncompressed 1080P120 and 4K30 video
• Link distance 5mm