HDMI 1.4 Modules for Active Optical Cables Released

August 8, 2017 – Silicon Line GmbH, world leader in providing innovative optical link technology for consumer markets, today announced that it has brought to market the SLM47991T and SLM47991R optical modules targeted at HDMI 1.4 active optical cables (AOCs).

These modules are built around dedicated ultra-low power HDMI1.4 ICs from Silicon Line together with Silicon Line’s patented and innovative Optical Sub-Assemblies (OSAs). The SLM47991T is a transmitter module and the SLM47991R is a receiver module.  Both support the HDMI 1.4 standard at up to 10.2 Gbps.

“Using these modules, a cable manufacturer can very quickly and easily manufacture active optical cables which support HDMI 1.4”, says Ian Jackson, Director Sales and Marketing at Silicon Line. “AOCs manufactured using these modules are thin, light, flexible and long and in addition require no external power supply”, he added.

The SLM47991T and SLM47991R modules are sampling now.

About Silicon Line

Silicon Line GmbH is the global leader in ultra-low-power optical link technology enabling thin, lightweight and long high-speed cables for consumer electronics, commercial and industrial applications. The company develops and manufactures integrated circuits and modules which allow a simple, low-cost, high volume assembly of active optical cables. Founded in 2005, Silicon Line is based in Munich, Germany with offices in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and the United States.