Optical Link Benefits

Previously active optical technology has been used in data center / telecoms markets which are low volume, high cost markets. Now, a new generation of innovative optical link technology from Silicon Line has been specially developed for consumer applications. It has the lowest cost of ownership and enables high volume, low cost manufacturing of active optical cables for consumer markets.

Cables developed using patented Silicon Line technology can be light, thin and long which are key requirements for eg the very high data rates required by the latest slim 4K / 8K UHD TV and VR / AR applications and which copper based cables cannot address. This Silicon Line technology has a very high level of integration and can even be integrated into the housing of a standard USB3 Type C connector.

Finally the ultra-low power consumption of our products is up to 5 times lower than our best competitor. This enables optical cables powered by Silicon Line technology to be used with battery operated devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops.



Active optical cables based on Silicon Line patented technology have many benefits:

  • Only technology which enables high speed ultra-thin cables
  • Cables are thin (eg 3mm outer diameter), light and flexible
  • Cable thickness does NOT increase with length
  • Only active technology which fits into a slim USB3 Type C connector
  • Can be used for cables from 1m length to 100m length
  • Can be used for data rates up to 25 Gbps per channel which covers all known and planned consumer standards
  • 5 times lower cost than the competition
  • 5 times less power consumption than the competition
  • Silicon Line products are available for HDMI 2.x, USB3.x, DisplayPort 1.x, DisplayPort 2.0 and DisplayPort ALT