About Us

Board of Directors

Pascal Vanluchene

Chairman of the Board

Pascal Vanluchene co-founded Capital-E after having held many positions in product marketing, business development, investment banking, strategy consulting and new venture formation mainly in the ICT sector.

Dr. Soenke Mehrgardt

Member of the Board

Sönke Mehrgardt spent five years on the Board of Directors of Infineon Technologies and, as CTO, was responsible for more than 5,000 engineers with an R&D budget exceeding EUR 1 billion.

Rolf Nagel

Member of the Board

Rolf Nagel founded MVP Munich Venture Partners together with his partners in 2004 and is active in the venture capital business since 1993. He is also Member of the board of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT).

Drs. Ruud van der Linden


Ruud is a 25 year veteran in the semiconductor Industry and has a master degree in Science. Ruud was previously CEO, Chief Marketing Officer and Board member of the Irish company Redmere and Senior VP for Philips Semiconductors where he was responsible for the Display Solutions Business Unit worldwide.

Holger Hoeltke

Founder and CIO

Holger brings in more than 20 years experience in fiber optics, high-speed PHY layer ICs, and RF. He wrote several patents on ultra-low power circuit IC technologies and novel optical interface architectures. Prior to founding Silicon Line, Holger was with Profile Optical Systems, Xignal, Siemens and Infineon.

Marc Wachsmuth

Member of the Board

Marc Wachsmuth co-founded Capital-E after being active as executive investment manager at one of the premier Belgian venture capitalists. Previously, he was active in the IT & mechanical industry in both Europe and Asia. He brings to Capital-E strong deal making, negotiation and transaction skills through his 17 years of private equity/venture capital experience, as well as a solid international industry and business development background.

Lieven De Jonge

Member of the Board

Lieven has worked as university assistant-professor, founded high-tech company Metris, specialized in automotive and aerospace measurement solutions, and sold Metris to Nikon in 2009. Lieven has many years of experience in growing high-tech companies, executing buy and build strategies, leading manufacturing companies and doing international M&A deals.